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Design, development and implementation of teaching programmes


PGCE English, University of Hull

MA Education, Talking and Writing 5–16, University of Hull

Undergraduate module, Education Research Methods, Middlesex University

Research seminar programme, Hull and Middlesex Universities

MA, Lifelong Learning & Education, Middlesex University

Masters in Education, University of Hull

ICT for Teachers project, University of Hull

MA in Educational Studies, University of York

MA in Language Learning and Education, University of York (with Graham Low)

MA in TESOL, University of York (with Janina Brutt-Griffler)

Dramatic Approaches to the English Classroom, NYU

Educational Linguistics doctoral seminar, NYU

MA in English Education, Institute of Education, University of London

MA in World Englishes, Institute of Education, University of London (now the MA in Globalization and Language Policy)

MA in Education (generic), Institute of Education, University of London

Contribution to the research methods programmes at the Institute of Education, University of London (on- and off-line)


In 2014-15, I revised the ethics procedures and research degree regulations with colleagues at Anglia Ruskin University.

I launched a new MA TESOL for the University of East Anglia in 2019. This is a joint creation between Nalini Boodhoo, Ken Hyland, Paul Hullock and me.

Most of my teaching now consists of one-off seminars and lectures. See Research Students.

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