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Research students who have successfully completed

Lionel McCalman, ‘Supplementary Schooling in the African-Caribbean Community in London’, December 1993

C.B. Sharma, ‘Multimedia Approaches to Teaching Literature in India’, December 1994

Kenneth Stott, PhD by published works, December 1995

Hamad al-Majed, ‘Problems in the Teaching of Arabic in Contemporary Saudi Arabia’, December 1996

Dorothy Harris, ‘Argument in Higher Education for the Professions’, April 1999

Joanna Lee, ‘Post-1997 educational policy in Hong Kong’, December 2002

Masumi Hiratsuka ‘The role of ICT in second language learning’, April 2004

Anna Glenton, ‘Social dynamics in ESL classrooms’, May 2004

Sabrina Huang, ‘How can ICT help women to improve their English language proficiency in Taiwan?’ December 2004

Anna Krinis, ‘The effect of input into the basic speech course for undergraduate students at LaVerne University, Athens’, March 2006

Rebecca Sinker, ‘The impact of multimedia on the teaching of art in schools’, July 2006

Zhao Yuan, ‘Networked ICT’s impact on speaking and listening in English as a second language’, May 2007

Kang-bi Ellis, ‘The emergence of study manga: a historical and semiotic approach’, July 2007

Dianne Willis, ‘The use of email in a department in a UK university’, September 2007

Chew Kheng Suan, ‘Communication needs of entrants to the financial sector in Hong Kong’, December 2009

Hazel Chiu, ‘The teaching of task-based grammar in Hong Kong’, August 2010

Frances Bodger, ‘Children’s perceptions of their grammatical and textual transformational skills’, June 2011

Ching Ching Lai, ‘The comparison of Hong Kong 15-year-old secondary school students' uptake and perception of recasts and enhanced recasts given to their errors on the use of past tense in their Chinese mythical cartoon strip story narration’, February 2012

Evanthia Tsaliki, ‘Diversity in Greek primary schools’, December 2012

Anna Maria Andreou, ‘Input processing for second language learners’, January 2014

Sharon Chu, ‘Translating poetic argumentation from Chinese to English’, May 201

Soha Altayar, 'Exploring the need for Arabic for Specific Purposes in Saudi Arabian Language Institutes'
Fangyi Guan, 'Exploring the link between studying abroad and student employability: a study of international students in a Chinese university.
Current research students (as honorary, assistant supervisor)
Yurou Wei, 'Storytelling and EFL learning in China'
Maggie Chan, 'Children's literature and special needs'
Mei-hua Yang, 'Second language learning, IT and learner motivation'
Alia Aljoofi, 'Implementation of Pragmatics in EFL Classroom: A Framework for Teaching Pragmatics in Saudi Arabia'
Xuande Wu, 'Culture shock, acculturation and second language learning motivation: an analytical study of Chinese international students pursuing a
                      Master's degree at higher education institutions in Scotland'
Rabab AlHaddab, 'To what extent does portfolio assessment contribute to the development of student experience in the context of teaching academic
                      writing in Arabic as a second language?'
Jingting Hu, 'Examining staff's motivation and perceptions of conducting research and teaching activities in a Chinese Sino-UK university: a case
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