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I have undertaken consultancies for the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the BBC, the Department for Education and other bodies.


Areas in which I can undertake consultancies include:


*higher education

*writing development


*e-learning research methodologies

*graduate school development


*rhetoric and poetics

*leadership and management


Publications include:


Developing English for TVEI, (with John Brown, Stephen Clarke, Peter Medway & Andrew Stibbs), The University of Leeds/The Training Agency, 1990, 190pp


A Report on the Colloquium – English and the New Technologies, Resources for Learning, Planning and Management, Case Studies and Materials (ed, as Chair of Steering Group), London: DfEE/NCET/NATE/UKRA, 1997, IT in English series


A National Evidence Centre for Education (with Andrew Morris), report of the working group on A National Evidence Centre for Education to the National Educational Research Forum, 2005, 28pp

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